Fiji and New Zealand in "Beyond" - another excellent talk from Stuart

Winter Talk
Fri 29th Jan 2016

Stuart MacDonald returned with more tales of his trip in "Beyond", filling in the adventures he left out in his last talks. This time, he covered New Zealand in more detail, then his adventures on the voyage to Fiji, and the idyllic (and sometimes hazardous) sailing there. About 40 members and guests enjoyed the buffet before the talk, with a further 30 or so joining in later for Stuart's talk. Stuart now plans to go to Ireland and Spain, then "somewhere"! Bon Voyage Stuart! 

October Quiz Night

Our new Club Steward Avril Leslie had a swift baptism with the most popular Quiz Night we have ever had, also a real challenge as few people had signed up in advance to eat! Only 30 had booked by Thursday, and she finally served around 60 on the night! Anyway, well done Avril, and it was great to see so many members at the quiz, a closely fought event (going to a tie break) presented by John and Jim from our friends and group members the Firth of Clyde Coastal Rowing Club.


Annual Xmas Dinner Dance

Annual Xmas Dinner Dance - Friday 4th December.
Fri 4th Dec 2015

Great night at the club with an excellent meal cooked by Avril. Dancing to Jimallywhy went on past midnight.

Thanks to John and Sandra Ridley for the decorations and to Martin and Helen Wilson and Hilary Connelly for setting up the tables.




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