Adam Lansdown (Committee member)

I live in Edinburgh and commute to the west coast for my sailing on our first - and still current - boat, a 10m Westerly Seahawk, which I bought from a Largs berth holder in 2007 and where she has remained ever since. I have been tempted to move her to be closer to home or perhaps to a more economical base, but the convenience and friendliness of Largs easily triumphs over these passing whims.

I sail with my wife, family and friends, and we use the boat as a weekend and holiday home that moves easily around the coast to some of the most beautiful and often challenging places on offer on the west of Britain (as we have visited all the “kingdoms”). It amuses us on occasion that we may be close to being “in” when the Crinan Canal staff recognise us and ask if we can help a novice pass through with us!

I recently retired from a career as a specialist surveyor where I was a partner and director of a professional firm working with operators in the hospitality and leisure industries – including work on marinas around the country. The bulk of my work was for private and corporate companies seeking disposals and acquisitions, and for institutions and investors needing appraisals and independent assessments. I hope that some of this experience will be of use to the club in the coming years.