Clubhouse maintenance!

A dozen volunteers worked hard in early January, sprucing up the clubhouse for the new season, before the clubhouse reopened for the Quiz Night on Friday 18th January.

Most work has been relatively straightforward this year, with no major jobs other than painting a couple of the big walls, plus general touching up of walls and radiators, replacing some skirting boards, and maintaining the auto-close taps. The final big job was shampooing the carpets.

Many thanks to everyone who helped - Calum Archibald, Jim Colquhoun, Donald Low, Niall Macpherson, Billy McCarlie, Ken McClelland, George McCree, Chris Nichol, John Ridley, Neil Stuart, Mark Edwards, and Billy McCarlie. Lunch, plus Jill's lemon drizzle cake, and Julia's biscuits helped the work along!