February cruising group winter talks - liferaft demo!

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Cruising group winter talks

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Sun 10th Feb 2019

The February talks started with a demonstration of a liferaft launch - photos attached. For VIDEO, see the LSC Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/LargsSC/, or this link will take you straight to the video - https://www.facebook.com/LargsSC/videos/2343767052309465/

The initial inflation required the pulling of miles of painter, and boarding from the pontoon looked easy, but much more difficult from the water. Hopefully none of us ever have to do this for real ...  Many thanks to Chris Ranger for donating the liferaft, Marilyn Lord for arranging, the volunteer "shipwrecked mariners" Chris Nichol, Mark Edwards and Billy McCarlie, and LYH for their cooperation.
Video sequence - launch the liferaft // keep pulling the painter - it will inflate eventually ... // boarding from the pontoon (easy in flat water) // boarding from the water - not so easy ... // capsize, and righting again (ideally, a better technique is to stand on the gas bottle side - that's the "heavy" side, and there's no risk of brained by the gas bottle when the raft comes right way up!)

The afternoon talks shared members' 2018 cruising experiences - North Wales to the Outer Hebrides, plus the joys of anchoring, and AIS - basics, fun, and uses.

The final winter talks are on Sunday 10th March, 2pm, in the Hems Kalis room. Topics include boat and engine maintenance, so bring your questions, plus the award for the best cruising log of 2018. All welcome.

There is an interesting and informative general article on liferafts on the RYA web site - see https://www.rya.org.uk/knowledge-advice/safe-boating/look-after-yourself/equipment-for-uk-pleasure-vessels/Pages/liferaft-.aspx.


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