Adieu and Bon Voyage Sue Kirby!

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Adieu and Bon Voyage Sue Kirby!

Event Date: 

Fri 12th Oct 2018

As many members will know, Sue Kirby retired from Largs Chandlers earlier this year, after nearly 30 years of giving help, advice and assistance (and the odd comment!) to customers. What is maybe less well known to newer members is her long, long service to Largs SC, particularly to the cadets. She had two spells as cadet convenor, and was a major player in the club gaining its status as an RYA accredited training centre. She also had several spells on the executive and other committees.

Sue came along to quiz night on Friday, to say quiet cheerios to her many friends in the club, as she is moving down south, to be closer to her family. She was caught unawares by an impromptu presentation on behalf of the club, recognising her great service to the club.

We wish Sue all the very best in her new life down south, and look forward to seeing her next year, when she hopes to come back and help with the major events we have on our calendar.