Extended Cruise in Company - round Loch Fyne - 2nd-6th September

Event Description: 

Extended Cruise in Company - round Loch Fyne - 2nd-6th September

The cruise in company "round the Mull of Kintyre" became a "round Loch Fyne" cruise, in view of the forecast, with 7 boats joining in - Corshyecan, Aliandy, Bethany, Carpe Diem, Inclination, Night Owl, and Sunshine.

An added reason to socialise was to celebrate Marilyn's Robertson's significant birthday, with group meals in Starfish in Tarbert, and the Oystercatcher at Otter Ferry. Plus of course the pre-dinner gatherings on each other's boats - many thanks to Corshyecan, Aliandy, and Inclination for their generous hospitality.

There was also some great sailing, sometimes in rather fresh conditions! Night Owl had her "sail of the season", sustaining 8+ knots for long periods on the way home from Portavadie to Largs, semi-surfing on the way down to Garroch Head from Portavadie in W-WNW 5-6.

We also saw the Fife yacht Kentra in Loch Fyne - a fine sight indeed.

We now look forward to the final cruise in company over the weekend of 23-24 September - watch the cruising group Facebook page for more information.