Club development workshop - April update

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Club development workshop 21st January 2017

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Sat 21st Jan 2017

Huge thanks to the 61 club members of all ages who took part in our very energetic workshop day.  Lots of ideas and many suggestions were made (see the documents section of the club website –, and some actions are now complete - cruising group Facebook page, all club day cruise 11th June, ropes on slipway to help singlehanders, "social sailing" on a Friday evening for those who don't want to race etc.

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There was a great turnout of over 60 members, of all ages, for our workshop day on the future and development of the club. Lots of ideas were generated, and these will now be collated, and looked at for implementation. Many thanks to all who attended - and Avril + Moira for lunch.

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Development Day update! We know that some of you are unable to attend all day on Saturday Jan 21st, so to help you come along for the session you are most involved with, we have broken things up. Before lunch, we will be asking for your ideas about WHAT we can do: on the water, family and youth friendly and social activities (1030-1215). After lunch, we will look at HOW we are going to do this: volunteer training and skills for delivery, marketing and communications (1315-1445). Whichever session you come to, lunch will be provided so please do register at Eventbrite and join us for as long or as briefly as you can:….
Your ideas are important!

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There are often many ideas and discussions about how we can improve our enjoyment of our club.

Like every other aspect of life today, LSC faces some real challenges, as well as opportunities, going forward.

Every member has good ideas, so this workshop is an opportunity to come together and explain how these many ideas might help.

To start the ball rolling, here are some important issues to concentrate our focus:

  • On the water – as a sailing club, how should we do more of this?
  • Families – how can we make LSC more all-inclusive for a complete family experience?
  • Younger members – to students and younger members who will be running the club in the future, how would you like to see things develop?
  • Skills – we have our own professional and everyday skills.  How can we focus these to help move the club forward?
  • Communications – we communicate through various means – e-news, Facebook etc - within the club. How can we communicate better with the outside world?
  • Revenue – we need to earn more to maintain a safe financial freeboard.  What else should we do?
  • The Future of the Club – wrapping up all of the above, what are your thoughts?

As a Club member, please come along on Saturday 21st, at 10:30 a.m., have your say and help explore and shape our Club’s future. Tea, coffee and lunch will be provided, and we aim to finish by 3pm.

To book your place, FREE, please go here. Click on the green “Register” button and you can reserve up to 4 places, all FREE, so bring your family! You will be directed to “Checkout” where you will be asked for your email address to complete your booking. See you there…..

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