Treasurer and Secretary - Graeme Robertson

A relative latecomer to sailing in my 40’s, I sailed dinghies out of Port Edgar Sailing School on the Firth of Forth. We brought our first trailer-sailor boat through the Forth and Clyde canal in 2003 for a 3-week holiday. In 2006 we joined LSC, immediately being welcomed into the new cruising section where, with our new 33ft boat Corshyecan, we enjoyed confidence-building sailing cruises-in-company.
I retired from my career in financial services in 2010, latterly working as a Pensions Actuary. Experienced in financial and risk management, I became the club's Treasurer and a Director in 2012.
After the steep learning curve to understand the club's accounts, I am pleased that (1) we have introduced accounts which separately show the contributions from our normal club activities and the major sailing events we host; (2) we have introduced budgets and budget forecasts; and (3) the Executive Committee now has a month-by-month cash flow tool which records past income and expenditure and forecasts the future. Together, these inform the Executives Committee's prudent decision-making process going forward, including what reserves we should aim to set aside for replacement of specific club assets. Having said that I am still keen to introduce some smaller items of financial control, so that LSC continues to move forward as an expanding, diverse and sound business.
I also have a passion for volunteer recognition and management, and would like to see the club recording the huge number of volunteer hours which our big army willingly gives. This helps our funding and sponsorship efforts.
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