Commodore 2018-19 - Ewan Macpherson

My sailing fuse was lit by my father’s tales of pre-war west coast cruising trips. As a youngster growing up in Glasgow I joined the nearest Sea Scout troop as soon as I was old enough, and have had wet feet ever since!

A Heron dinghy in Hogganfield Loch was my first introduction to sailing – a 3d fare on the 38 bus every evening and weekend possible, graduating to an Enterprise which we part-built ourselves, sailing from Helensburgh. Student toil funded an Enterprise of my own which brought me to Largs SC in the early 70s. My sailing buddy and I then moved into the 5-0-5 fleet and enjoyed the 5-0-5 Nationals at Largs in 1973 as well as traveller events around Scotland. Cruising in the Clyde and Hebrides were also a feature, venturing as far as Falmouth and the Scilly Isles. I was one of a number of LSC dinghy sailors who crewed LSC Commodore Lamont Young’s famous yacht St Anton in several Tobermory races at this time. Work took me to Malta, where a Miracle dinghy was acquired and raced quite successfully, and then on to Hong Kong, where a young family and scuba diving took up more time.

I returned to LSC in the 90s, mob handed with my Sea Scout troop and a growing fleet of dinghies. The Sea Scouts proved to be extremely useful in manning up the ‘beach’ team and providing rescue boat crews for large events, especially since moving to the Largs Yacht Haven site, and had lots of fun in the process! We also introduced another Sea Scout troop to the joys of sailing at LSC. I became a RYA Senior Instructor and set up and ran a RYA Training Centre as part of my Sea Scouting.

I joined LSC’s Executive Committee in 2002 and served as Commodore in 2005-6. Business took me to the north-east where I moved permanently in 2008, whilst maintaining my LSC connections particularly in support of events. I am presently a member of Montrose Sailing Club where I sail my Solo dinghy whenever possible. I was invited to join RYA Scotland’s Council in 2007 and subsequently the RYAS Management Committee in 2011. I chair North East Scotland Sailing Development Group and Aberdeenshire Sailing Trust.

I am a chartered civil engineer, and have spent the past 20 years in the world of innovation across all sectors of industry, presently running my own business.

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