Membership - Gordon Cochrane

I learned to sail with the Largs SC cadets in the 1960's, when the Club was at its previous location in John Street, launching off the slipway at Cairnie's Quay. The cadets then were nothing like as well organised or extensive as the LSTA today!
In those days, the Club had a very active Enterprise fleet, and after crewing for a couple of years, I bought my own Enterprise (a 13'3" plywood two man sailing dinghy). After graduating in 1970, I towed my Enterprise south behind my Ford Anglia, for 10 years of pretty hectic puddle sailing in England, including lots of team racing, championships etc. This was followed by two years sailing a Laser in South Africa. After returning to the UK, work and other issues put paid to dinghy sailing, so I went big boat, spending 20 years as a mate with Ocean Youth Trust. This was fantastic experience, and took me from St Kilda to Dunkirk, and lots of places in between. With my wife Ann, we also started flotilla sailing, then bare boat chartering, in various parts of the world. More experience!
After returning to Largs in 2002, I rejoined the Club, crewed for a couple of years, then we bought "Night Owl", our Maxi 1100 keelboat, which we have since sailed all round the Clyde, often with the cruising group, and as far north as the Summer Isles near Ullapool.
I also quickly got involved in the committee, then was asked to be membership secretary in 2005, basically responsible for administering the membership. This is not quite a full time job, but particularly at subscription renewal time, can certainly feel like it! Also, I have become increasingly involved in publicity, including developed the "e-news", which I hope members appreciate.

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